Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility To Our Community

Setting Up A Budwood Nursery At Sangmelima, Cameroon, Africa

Sudcam visited the Technical School of Agriculture in Sangmelima, a town in southern Cameroon, to set up a budwood nursery. Its representatives imparted their knowledge and expertise to the students.

To kick-start the planting process, Sudcam donated 20 hectares worth of rubber stumps.

Medical-Related Efforts By Sudcam And The Foundation Chantal Biya Hospital

  • To support the medical team treating pygmies around the local villages, Sudcam donated a new bike to the Foundation Chantal BIYA hospital to help them move around.
  • To Distribution of free mosquito nets to all Sudcam employees.

Responsibility To Our Environment

In a bid to do its part for the environment, Sudcam sponsored a Chicken Breeding pilot project in the Nlobesse Village as an antipoaching alternative. UNESCO representatives, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Ministry of Forests and the Ministry of Culture and Arts showed their support by attending the project launch.